The 1st International Conference on

Science Technology Park


The dynamics of global change are accompanying science and technology development as a consequent of demand number in technology. Collaboration between the international standard research, technology innovation and business strategy that interact and thrive in intellectual scope which present both embodied the national or international, these encourages the advancement of economy and society prosper.

The development of Science Technology Park currently is a strategic step to create  a  model of empowerment local potential framework which can be capitalized its development as a representation of the development of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY based on research result and development. Important thing to concern in implementation scope that can be aligned with national and international interests, including the development of Science Technology Park. The main frame of this implementation is Science technology park (STP) can accommodate interests arising by necessity, where the facilities and infrastructure uses could be translated as the public place with a physical approach, shared facilities, services, and team work for the user. This is contrasts with the function of the park that facilitates transformation and the transition ideas from universities, research institutions and private companies and also market, that creating economic value.

Excellence owned is the potential to stimulate regional growth, create jobs, start a new company and enhance the existing competitiveness by insuring innovation friendly environment. They are an efficient ways to build a knowledge-based economy. The International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) define that the STP as an organization manage  by a specific professional with the main propose is to increase the wealth of the society by promote innovation culture and the competitiveness of business-related and knowledge-based institutions. To archive this goal, the Science Park manages the knowledge and technology flows between universities, R&D institutions, companies and markets; It facilitates creating and growth of innovation-based companies through incubation and spin-off processes; and provide a high-quality space and other add value facilitate.

Knowledge-based economy is expected to be able to increase productivity, added value, and improvement competitive excellence. Technopreneurship and innovation are the two important keywords in shifting to the knowledge-based economy. Both of these can provide economy and social benefits. The economic benefit was improving efficiency and productivity, increase income, create new work field, and driving the economic sectors. The social benefits are driving social behavior change in society to be a society with competitive excellence, which is productive and wise in the utilization of resources in the local economy.

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